M-J’s Simple Steak au Poivre

Thin slices of sirloin tip beefsteak are coated with salt and cracked black pepper, then sautéed in butter. To make the sauce on which the cooked steaks are presented, a third-cup of flour is browned in the pan with a bit more butter, and stirred until brown. Gradually, brandy and cream or milk are poured into the pan, and the mixture is whisked until smooth. A hand-blender may be employed to integrate the brown bits and smooth the sauce.

©M-J de Mesterton 2015

M-J’s Green Beans with Walnuts in Miso-Honey Glaze

M-J's Green beans with Walnuts in Miso-Honey Glaze

Simple, beautiful, piquant, slightly sweet and appropriately salty, this is my original recipe for an elegant green-bean dish. A bagful of frozen, petite green beans was sautéed with walnuts in red chile oil. After being lightly browned, the elegant vegetables and nuts were glazed with one teaspoon of miso, one-half-teaspoon of honey, and a third-cup of water.
Original Recipe Copyright ©M-J de Mesterton 2013

Proper Tablecloth Sizes

70″ Round 90″ Round 108″ Round 120″ Round 132″ Round
Table Size
30″ height)
30″ Round 20″ Drop To the Floor Too Large Too Large Too Large
36″ Round 17″ Drop 27″ Drop Too Large Too Large Too Large
42″  Round 14″ Drop 24″ Drop Too Large Too Large Too Large
48″ Round 11″ Drop 21″ Drop To the Floor Too Large Too Large
54″ Round 8″ Drop 18″ Drop 27″ Drop Too Large Too Large
60″ Round 15″ Drop 24″ Drop 30″ Drop Too Large
66″ Round 12″ Drop 21″ Drop 27″ Drop Too Large
72″ Round 18″ Drop 24″ Drop 30″ Drop

Typical size for 10-person table is 72″ Round Table.

Elegant French Radishes

Home-Grown Radishes, a Cool-Weather Crop

In many areas of the western hemisphere, radishes will grow in autumn. They take five or six weeks to mature, and can even be grown indoors at a window. Use radishes in smoothies and eat them at breakfast with a little soft butter or salt. Radishes are a traditional liver-tonic, perfect for the morning after having an adult beverage or two.

©M-J de Mesterton